From the browns and greens of the African savannah to the deep blues of the open oceans fauna entertains and enlightens. For me, the social aspects of animals and birds are most interesting. The collaboration within herds, prides, pods, and flocks fascinate.

SistersHere's Looking at You You Bite My Back... Water is Life Siblings at Lunch Boys Playing Rough No Room in the Pool Pals Risking a Drink Red Panda Cuddly Ice BearAhhh, Nap Time for Galapagos Sea LionsClear PacificBreaking the PacificSpeedBack to the PodPacific PalsMen's Club (Stellar Sea Lions near Vancouver Island. One of the largest pinnipeds they can weigh more than a ton. Endangered in the U.S.)Taking a Look (Orcas near Victoria, BC)Yikes!DancingFamily Road TripLookout (Vancouver Island)Keeping Cool (Aialik Bay, Kenai Fjords National Park)A Romp Relaxing (Aialik Bay, Kenai Fjords National Park)Caribou (Denali National Park)Waking (Denali National Park)One Still Naps, Trumpeter Swan (Kenai Peninsula, Alaska)Red-tailed Hawk (Kenai Peninsula, Alaska)Launching for LunchReddish Egrets (Bahia de Cletumal, Yucatan)Galapagos BoobieCold Feet?Of a FeatherFlamingo Fun