Water is powerful. Water is placid. Water is blue. Water is orange. Water is dangerous. Water is fun. Water can be your best friend. Water is life itself.

Iguazu Fall (Argentina and Brazil) - See the people on the left for scale.Galapagos Shearwater Right Side Up? (Tortuguero, Costa Rica)Half Moon Caye (Belize)Tulum (Yucatan)Everglades SkyBay FireColorado at Moab - The day after it rains upstream the river turns from a boring green to tomato soup red. Indeed, colorado is a word for red in Spanish.More Moab Tomato Soup with SpiceBridal Vail Falls (Yosemite)Yosemite Falls with Blue Sky Over the Merced (Yosemite)Yosemite Falls with TreesSan Simeon SwimVia VancouverPacific Paths Wrinkled WaterOff Victoria. Mom, Dad, big sister and little brother.Victoria PassageBoat on Lake LouisePedersen Lagoon and Glacier (Kenai Fjords National Park)Glacial Ice (Aialik Bay, Kenai Fjords National Park)Vietnamese Fishing Boats (near Haiphong Harbor)Tahitian BlueSolitude (Passage to Bora Bora)Bora Bora VistaFishing Hut (Passage to Bora Bora)Not PacificA Pond in Queentown (New Zealand)Wakatipu Blue (New Zealand)Dart River (New Zealand)Milford Sound (New Zealand)Water is Fun (Milford Sound, New Zealand)Sea at Acre (Israel)Aegean JewelFountains in the Prado Gardens (Spain)