Trees and Flowers

In addition to providing a cacophony of colors, aromas, and forms, flora also provides us the air we breathe. Thanks trees!

Tahitian BlueTanzanian Green - Tarangire National Park, Mount Kitibong in background.Tanzanian SunsetJuly 3rdJuly 4th - Same cactus.Morning Cactus FlowerTen Foot CactusHighway 6 UtahNear Price, UtahGlen Canyon ColorsCottonwood ColorCarolina MossYosemite SenectitudeAfter the Storm (Yosemite)Tree on Lake (Yosemite)Blue Sky (Yosemite)Yosemite Spotlight - Seeing the tree for the forest.Valley Floor (Yosemite)Yosemite GoldRain Forest (Kenai Fjords National Park)Earthquake Tree (Kenai Fjords National Park) - In 1964 a 9.2 earthquake hit the Kenai Peninsula causing widespread damage. In many places the land itself sank some five feet. This dropped the roots of tree you see (and many thousands of others in the area) into the salt water table, thus both killing and preserving the trees. Wild Violets (Kenai Fjords National Park) Flowers and Kenai LakeTea Plantation (Hangzhou, China)Lace (Dart River New Zealand)Why They Call It a Silver Fern (Milford Sound, New Zealand)Silver Fern Shade (Milford Sound, New Zealand)Mentorship (New Zealand)Begonia (Wellington Botanical Gardens, New Zealand)Crimson Strands (Wellington Botanical Gardens, New Zealand)Butchart Gardens (Vancouver Island). Human creativity at its best. In 1921 the Butchart family transformed their rock quarry near Victoria, BC into a sumptuous sunken garden. An eyesore became a sight for sore eyes from around the world.Fall FlowersTree with Shadow. The evolution of the human species on the African savanna has instilled an instinctual attraction to shade trees. Butchart Gardens.UpliftingButchart MansionButchart Bucolic