See the vibrancy of cultures. The bright colors appeal in most places, from the Maasai people in Tanzania, to Inca dress in Peru, to the Longji peoples near Guilin, China, to wrestling mask night at Angel Stadium in Anaheim. Also, we see people having fun, even when their “uniforms” are lusterless.

Am I missing something? (Coronado)Pensive (Cambodia)Maasai (Tanzania)Seeing Themselves 1 (Tanzania)Seeing Themselves 2 (Tanzania)Mobile Phone Ubiquity (Tanzania)Inca Colors (Peru)Busy Hands (Peru)Inca Kids (Peru)Longji Women (China) -- Their hats are their very long hair.A Blue Corn Smile (China)To Market (China)Jamaican BoatmanAngels Superfan - The beard is real.Wresting Mask Night A Nice Day in Maastricht - There aren't many.Mennonite Family Fun (Belize)Bosporous Sisters (Turkey)