Greece, the birthplace of western civilization. Below you will find some of my favorite images. Some are historical, some beautiful, and some just colorful. In my photographic library I have many more wonderful shots of the white houses and the blue seas the Greek flag reflects. There are indeed many, many picturesque doors there. Enjoy!

Parthenon at Sunset (432 BC)Maidens of the Acropolis (409 BC) - Originally there were six. One is not in the frame and another resides in the British Museum.Parthenon (432 BC), view from the Odeon - The replica in Nashville, TN is worth a visit. Odeon of Herodes Atticus (161 AD) - This 5000-seat amphitheater improved on the adjacent Theater of Dionysius.  Metaphor for the Economy - The ruins of the Temple of Olympian Zeus stand tall in the middle of Athens. Completed in 2nd century AD.Philippi - The apostle Paul spoke for the first time in Europe here in 50AD.Temple of Apollo (4th century BC), Delphi - The Oracles fortold here. A Table at SantoriniSantorini SunSantorini GatewaySantorini WelcomeSantorini GoldAegean JewelMilos - Orinigal home of Venus de Milo. Now she stands tall in the Louvre.Milos PinkMilos NeighborsMykonos TreatsLittle Venice on MykonosMykonos WindmillsMykonos StepsMilos Fixer UpperModern Ruins, MilosPerfectionChess on Milos?Mykonos FlowersMykonos GarlandMykonos Door Mykonos Gate