These are some of my favorites from around the world. Among them are some interesting juxtapositions. Which do you like?

A Life Well Lived (Amsterdam)Daisies for Dinner (Oviedo, Spain)Window Table at Giverny Louvre LightsQueenstown Park Bench (New Zealand)Hopping the Fence (Winona Lodge near Yosemite)Gossips in Moonlight (Utah)Gossips in Splendor (Utah) - The Three Gossips in Arches National Park near Moab, Utah is one of the most unusual rock formations in the world. The three tower some 350 feet.Gossips up Close (Utah)Gossips Reflected (Utah)After the Rain (Arches National Park, Utah)Just South of Moab (Utah)Blue Mosque (Istanbul)St. Basil's Cathedral (Red Square, Moscow)Golden Pavilion (Kyoto)Off with Their Heads (Terra-Cotta Soldiers, Xian)Raising an Army (Terra-Cotta Soldiers, Xian)Xian WallsGuggenheim Museum (Bilbao)A Nice Reflection (Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao)Blue Bubbles (French Pavilion, Shanghai Expo)Needs a Shave (British Pavilion, Shanghai Expo)Bangkok Glass (Suvarnabhumi International Airport)Inca Steps, Peru