Music is the essence of Cuban culture. It comes from the rhythms of the seas and seasons that affect the islands. Indeed, you can hear the music in the percussion of a base hit at the ballpark or in the notes of a  flute on a warm Saturday night along the Malecon. Meals aren’t just presented, they’re orchestrated. There’s music and romance even in the rice and the beans and the amount of salt.

Since 1972 I have been most fortunate to travel across six continents to capture in photographs some of the richness of the cultures I have encountered. My recent work in Cuba has produced some of my favorite images.  “The rich rhythm of life” that has always defined the Pearl of the Antilles was easy for me to find, and I hope you enjoy the fruits of my visits there.

Descarga urbana (Urban cutting loose) - A neighborhood adjacent to the Malecon, the boulevard along the sea wall of Havana.Vista del Mar (Sea view) - You can still see the vestiges of the architectual richness of Havana circa 1880 here along the modern-day Malecon.Renewal along the Malecon - The poster child for urban renewal where Havana meets the sea.Morro Castle - Built in 1589 across the harbor and guarding the entrance to the Port of Havana. They apparently didn't bother with handrails back then!La Floridita - Paying homage to Hemmingway. This was one of his favorite night spots in Havana.Plaza Vieja Overlook - Ironically in 1559 they originally called it Plaza Nueva.Cervezas y Maltas (Beer and Malts) - And a table at Plaza Vieja de Habana.Lo que era (How it was) 1 - Habana Vieja restored. The next 4 images are of the Museo de Arte Colonial adjacent to Plaza de la Catedral.Lo que era (How it was) 2Lo que era (How it was) 3A Table with a View - Plaza de CatedralPara dos (For two) - You can hear the romantic melody in the plaza below.Hacia el Capitolio (Toward the capital)Paciencia (Patience) - The power is on today, perhaps she waits for a cool breeze.Conductor - The best catcher in the country contemplates a tough day behind the plate.Una jugada forzada (Force play) - Industriales, the Havana home team, lost that day.Palomitas (Popcorn) - The popcorn is less than a nickle and a ticket for the best seat in the house (or the worst seat) is about a quarter.El Baile en Santa Clara (Dancing in Santa Clara) - Where the music is free.